• 06 Aug

    video: Maroc-atu de Coco (remix)

    6 Aug ’16

    This is a remix by H.A.T. (formerly known as officerfishdumplings), entirely derived from traditional Moroccan and Brazilian music videos shot by REMIX ←→ CULTURE. The bands featured here are (in order of first appearance): Adiel Luna – Recife, Brazil Mâallem Hassan Ben Jaâfar (Innov Gnawa) – Brooklyn, US via Fez, Morocco Maracatu De Baque Solto …

  • 06 May

    video: 2015 live video remixes (highlights)

    6 May ’16

    This video shows several short excerpts from live video remixes performed in 2015 by Hatim Belyamani (aka officerfishdumplings) for REMIX ←→ CULTURE at the following venues: July 22nd and 24th, 2015 Timitar Festival (Agadir, Morocco) September 18th, 2015 L’Boulevard Festival (Casablanca, Morocco) November 13th, 2015 Visa for Music Festival (Rabat, Morocco) November 18th, 2015 B-Rock …

  • 06 Nov

    video: Tak Doum Toura Tak (remix)

    6 Nov ’15

    This is a video remix performed by officerfishdumplings. All sounds and images are derived from recordings / video shoots by REMIX ←→ CULTURE of the following traditional artists: Hassane Slaibi • recorded & filmed in San Francisco, CA • from Beirut, Lebanon Amino Belyamani • recorded & filmed in Brooklyn, NY • from Casablanca, Morocco …

  • 28 Aug

    ofd live @ Timitar Festival

    28 Aug ’15

    On July 22nd and July 24th, 2015, officerfishdumplings performed live video remixes at the annual Timitar Festival in Agadir, Morocco. All sounds and images were derived entirely from recordings / shoots of traditional musicians carried out by the remix culture collective. Here are a couple excerpts: ofd live @ Timitar (July 22nd, 2015 excerpt) from …