• 18 Nov

    ofd remixes oh my goodness’s everything all

    18 Nov ’13

    Earlier this year, my dear friends, super-talented musicians & producers Tyler Wood and Therese Workman, released the debut EP for their crazy retro-future-pop duo “Oh My Goodness”. They decided to invite a few electronic musicians to remix various songs from the EP. I was honored to be one of them. Today, the remix EP is …

  • 29 May

    ofd beats the ableton clock

    29 May ’12

    ofd made this track in 24 hours for the May 2012 Ableton Beat the Clock Contest. He injected a healthy dose of Moroccan sensibilities, but all of his sound sources came from the samples provided by Ableton for the contest (produced by Nosaj Thing, M83, and Junior Boys). Everything was done in Ableton Live 8. …

  • 07 Dec

    the hand that feeds

    7 Dec ’10

    This live remix is the result of a collaboration with ofd’s brother Amino Belyamani’s project, Axis Trio. In preparation for the remix, ofd loaded a number of samples from Axis Trio’s first album “The Hand” into Ableton Live. Once the samples and effects were all set up, ofd then performed a handful of 5-minute improvisations …

  • 24 Nov


    24 Nov ’09

    This is ofd’s studio remix of “Last Call” a piece composed by Sam Minaie for the experimental jazz project Axis Trio. The original track was performed and recorded by Axis Trio (with ofd’s brother Amino Belyamani on piano) for their brilliant debut album “The Hand.”  Even if ofd had no familial ties to Axis Trio, …