• 15 Apr

    ofd plays iPad improv 1

    15 Apr ’10

    ofd’s first live improv on iPad (using the Looptastic app).   officerfishdumplings on Vimeo.

  • 16 Dec

    so what

    16 Dec ’07

    This re-arrangement of Miles Davis’s “So What” is the first sneak peak from the upcoming album “officerfishdumplings sets standards to dance music.” This one is a request from ofd’s friend Mark Mian. If you need to “get in shape” before dancing to this track (and the rest of the album), Mark and his wife’s cyber-guidance …

  • 01 Nov

    ofd featured in compilation: “One Winter is Notenuf”

    1 Nov ’05

    The track “six months” from ofd’s second album “officerfishdumplings finds your way home” was featured in this compilation.