• 25 Nov

    ofd is a nomad

    25 Nov ’14

    2014 has been a nomadic year for officerfishdumplings. San Francisco, Brooklyn, various parts of Morocco, Paris, Berlin, NYC, upstate New York, back to San Francisco to move out, drive across the country through California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, then fly across the Atlantic to Leipzig …

  • 16 Jul

    ofd rows your boat gently down the stream

    16 Jul ’13

    Rescued by a zip-tie I wore in lieu of the belt I had forgotten back in my tent, I performed the following remix set at the Priceless Festival‘s main stage on the 4th of July, 2013.

  • 03 Nov

    officerfishdumplings turns it up

    3 Nov ’12

    I returned from morocco to san francisco a couple weeks ago, and played a dj set at a halloween party. booties were shakin. so i thought i should share: there are sounds from my remix ←→ culture field recordings in Morocco throughout this mix, but it’s more of the icing on the cake than the …

  • 12 Feb

    ofd bribes the mixtape fairy

    12 Feb ’12

    Be careful what you wish for on Facebook…Idle threats such as “I wish someone would make me a mixtape.” will not be dismissed so easily by the officer: Rowan Balagot – I wish someone would make me a mixtape. Hatim Belyamani – If you can specify an overall theme / mood / color, and if …