• 29 May

    ofd beats the ableton clock

    29 May ’12

    ofd made this track in 24 hours for the May 2012 Ableton Beat the Clock Contest. He injected a healthy dose of Moroccan sensibilities, but all of his sound sources came from the samples provided by Ableton for the contest (produced by Nosaj Thing, M83, and Junior Boys). Everything was done in Ableton Live 8. …

  • 12 Feb

    ofd bribes the mixtape fairy

    12 Feb ’12

    Be careful what you wish for on Facebook…Idle threats such as “I wish someone would make me a mixtape.” will not be dismissed so easily by the officer: Rowan Balagot – I wish someone would make me a mixtape. Hatim Belyamani – If you can specify an overall theme / mood / color, and if …

  • 27 Nov

    ofd occupies cash flow

    27 Nov ’11

    This is what it sounds like when everyone moves their money: Accupril

  • 11 Feb

    ofd puts your rubbers on his feet

    11 Feb ’11

    ofd has just finished his latest musical creation: an 82-minute remix journey starring Swedish indie rock, german ghost step, Argentinian nueva cancion, blues, soul, hip-hop, hank jones, living room recording sessions chez officerfishdumplings, varieties of squizz squazz, and much more. he calls it:   officerfishdumplings puts your rubbers on his feet   It sounds strangely …