• 20 Jan

    cross-country impressions

    20 Jan ’15

    In August 2014, officerfishdumplings moved out of San Francisco, to relocate to New York City. He drove across the country with fellow photographer / videographer Sya Warfield, through California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. They both captured various moments, shapes, colors, and feelings along the …

  • 30 Sep

    remix ←→ culture kickstarter video teaser 1

    30 Sep ’12

    we’ve been on the road in morocco, meeting with all kinds of folks, and already have a ton of new high-quality audio, photo, and video captured for remix ←→ culture. our journey doesn’t end here. but here’s a fun short video with a sneak peak of the awesomeness we’ve been working with: remix ←→ culture -kickstarter teaser …

  • 11 May

    ofd announces remix ←→ culture : morocco

    11 May ’12

    While visiting his family in Morocco this spring, ofd traveled to 3 remote parts of Morocco to learn from their traditional musicians, record their music, and photograph the experience.  Although it wasn’t his initial intention, ofd now plans on doing this every time he returns to Morocco – each time exploring different parts of Morocco’s …

  • 29 Aug

    fields 4

    29 Aug ’09

    This video was the result of a collaboration between alyssa lee wilmot (choreography, dance), thom blum (sound), and officerfishdumplings (photos, videography) which was featured in a dance performance by group A at The Garage in San Francisco on 08/22/2009. The dance performance is not captured in this video. For a glimpse into what the dance …