• 15 Aug

    ofd plays for hanaa and her puppies

    15 Aug ’11

    Another late night piano improv inspired by Hanaa Mesraty (and her puppies).

  • 26 Jul

    ofd tip toes his way out

    26 Jul ’11

    Another late night piano improv.  

  • 08 Mar

    ofd swims with his catch

    8 Mar ’11

    The first piano improv inspired by Hanaa Mesraty.  

  • 24 Jan

    somewhere over the beat

    24 Jan ’11

    Every once in a while, Moroccan compatriot Hicham Alaoui and ofd get together for an informal improvised recording session. This now recurring duo has been dubbed H^2. This track, like all H^2 tracks, was completely improvised. In this track, Hicham Alaoui played a drum set for the first time in more than a decade, while …