• 23 Jan

    purple stroll

    23 Jan ’11

    Another completely improvised tune by H^2 (officerfishdumplings on piano and Hicham Alaoui on percussion).  If you’re thinking this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because ofd ended up remixing this improv in his DJ set “officerfishdumplings puts your rubbers on his feet’.  

  • 01 Dec

    ofd rides an elephant

    1 Dec ’10

    This is self-indulgent no doubt – a piano improv based on an electronic piece ofd made several years back called “elephant” (featured in his 2nd album release “officerfishdumplings finds your way home”).  

  • 11 Nov

    ofd singing in the dead of night

    11 Nov ’10

    This started as a free improv, and at some point ofd found himself compelled to play around Blackbird by the Beatles, except in a minor key.  

  • 05 Nov

    ofd squizzes the squazz

    5 Nov ’10

    ofd dedicates this late night free improv to Shawn Feeney, lover of all things squizz and squazz.