• 11 Nov

    ofd singing in the dead of night

    11 Nov ’10

    This started as a free improv, and at some point ofd found himself compelled to play around Blackbird by the Beatles, except in a minor key.  

  • 05 Nov

    ofd squizzes the squazz

    5 Nov ’10

    ofd dedicates this late night free improv to Shawn Feeney, lover of all things squizz and squazz.  

  • 04 Nov

    ofd fakes a standard

    4 Nov ’10

    ofd started playing something that sounded like a jazz standard. And the rest is fake history.  

  • 08 Jun

    ofd holds the curry

    8 Jun ’10

    Another late night piano improv.  This one is dedicated to Shawn Feeney‘s mom, who named this tune without knowing it.