• 29 Dec

    ofd documents moroccan doors and windows

    29 Dec ’11

    While traveling around his home country of Morocco this summer, ofd’s camera fell slave to a growing obsession with doors and windows. Some of the results are below for your viewing pleasure. Perhaps you not only happen to have naked walls, but also feel the compulsory need to dress every square centimeter of those bland …

  • 25 Mar

    ofd is featured on etsy

    25 Mar ’11

    ofd’s friend Tina Lax digitally-designed and hand-finished these beautiful earrings and necklaces, and is selling them on etsy with the help of photos he took for her.  

  • 25 Oct

    ofd shoots shelley thomas

    25 Oct ’10

    ofd shot Shelley Thomas in Brooklyn, NY:

  • 24 Oct

    ofd shoots dawn of midi

    24 Oct ’10

    ofd shot dawn of midi in Brooklyn, NY: