• 23 Oct

    ofd documents POW!POW!POW! ACTION Art Festival

    23 Oct ’10

    ofd was the house photographer for the 2011 POW!POW!POW! ACTION Art Festival at Viracocha in San Francisco.  Did he mention this was in San Francisco?    

  • 19 Jul

    ofd shoots the creatures behind POW! ACTION art festival

    19 Jul ’10

    ofd shot the performance artists and curators behind the annual POW! ACTION art festival in San Francisco:

  • 17 Oct

    ofd shoots green hemoglobin

    17 Oct ’09

    ofd shot Green Hemoglobin in San Francisco:

  • 29 Aug

    fields 4

    29 Aug ’09

    This video was the result of a collaboration between alyssa lee wilmot (choreography, dance), thom blum (sound), and officerfishdumplings (photos, videography) which was featured in a dance performance by group A at The Garage in San Francisco on 08/22/2009. The dance performance is not captured in this video. For a glimpse into what the dance …