cross-country impressions

In August 2014, officerfishdumplings moved out of San Francisco, to relocate to New York City. He drove across the country with fellow photographer / videographer Sya Warfield, through California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. They both captured various moments, shapes, colors, and feelings along the way. officerfishdumplings then edited those images into this collage of impressions. He then invited Tyler Wood, Derek Nievergelt, Karlie Bruce, and Eliot Krimsky to record a live improvised soundtrack to the video in Derek’s Brooklyn music studio. Finally, Tyler Wood mixed and mastered the recordings, and officerfishdumplings slapped it back onto this video.

cross-country impressions from officerfishdumplings on Vimeo.

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