ofd bribes the mixtape fairy

Be careful what you wish for on Facebook…Idle threats such as “I wish someone would make me a mixtape.” will not be dismissed so easily by the officer:

Rowan Balagot –

I wish someone would make me a mixtape.

Hatim Belyamani –

If you can specify an overall theme / mood / color, and if you aren’t particular about the ‘mix tape’ being on actual ‘tape’, i can smooth-talk the mix tape in the cloud fairy into helping you out…

Rowan Balagot - 

yeah, I guess I don’t actually have the capability to play cassettes anymore. a mix cd would be awesome! any
thing not too loud, due to my chronic headaches – not too much horn action, etc. I am not picky – I just want new music without having to do research!

Full track list on SoundCloud.

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