ofd demos “remix ←→ culture : morocco (installation #1)”

In May 2012, officerfishdumplings announced his new project remix ←→ culture : morocco, an ongoing process of recording audio, photo, and video of folk musicians from around Morocco, and subsequently making new works derived from those materials.

After returning to San Francisco from the first set of remix ←→ culture : morocco trips, ofd built Installation #1, an interactive platform entirely derived from the audio-visual materials he captured in the Spring of 2012.

The installation, comprised of a laptop display, 2 MIDI controllers mapped to Ableton Live and CoGe parameters, and noise-canceling headphones, was featured at the Priceless art festival.

Throughout the 3-day festival, passersby stopped to improvise unique real-time audio-visual compositions entirely derived from the Moroccan traditional sights and sounds I captured.  To illustrate what that might look and sound like, one of ofd’s performances can be viewed below.

remix ←→ culture : morocco – installation #1 (ofd improv) from officerfishdumplings on Vimeo.

A big thanks goes to Tamas Hagy, developer of the visual software ofd used for this installation (CoGe).
Throughout June 2012, as ofd was working on my installation, Tamas would very quickly respond to the issues and feature requests ofd sent his way.  When the installation was done, ofd ended up with a version of CoGe that was customized to meet his needs, thanks to Tamas’s great work.  Info about this software on cogevj.hu/

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