ofd’s band Odds of Survival launches debut album on kickstarter


Our album’s coming soon…

I’m super excited to announce that my band “Odds Of Survival” is just weeks away from releasing our 11-song debut album: “You Will Be Rescued.” To help us get to the finish line, we’ve launched a kickstarter campaign today.

How it came to be

My new year’s resolution in 2010 was to play more non-electronic music with “real” people. One approach, I thought, would be to set aside a few weekends, each one with a different group of musicians. We’d lock ourselves up in my home studio for 2 days, aiming for a final product (be it 1 song or an album) by Sunday evening.

Coincidentally, my old friend and amazing musician Scott Roy had just relocated to the Bay Area. So, for the first of these “beat-the-clock” weekend sessions, I invited Scott Roy, Shawn Feeney, and Altay Guvench over. Scott had already written a number of songs. We immediately got to work coming up with arrangements. By the end of the weekend, we had recorded 3 songs. They were rough, but quite decent considering the time constraints. We all looked each other in the eyes and said “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…”

We quickly moved to weekly rehearsals, focusing more on arranging songs for live performance. A couple months later, we played our first house concert, and then weeks later performed at a bar in San Francisco.

Then, Scott reminded us he may be leaving the Bay Area for good. What we had built felt too special to throw away. So, in September 2010, we switched back to marathon weekend recording sessions in my home studio. Bass in the kitchen, piano and guitar in the living room, accordion in the bathroom, drums next to the futon…I primarily played electric guitars and piano / keys, but we also all took turns recording all kinds of instruments. We each pushed each other to create the best arrangements, to record our best performances, and the result is something none of us could have made on our own. It’s been described as Doomgrass, Gothic Americana, and “Willie Nelson meets Radiohead – they get into a fight.”

Pre-order on kickstarter

We spent over $7,000 and countless hours to create it. It’s a labor of love. We’ve launched this Kickstarter with a modest goal. Pre-order here by Feb 25th 12pm PST to get the album at a 20% discount. We hope you’ll also consider supporting us with our higher level rewards. With your help, we can make sure this music reaches as many listeners as possible.

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