• 01 Mar

    ofd’s band “Odds of Survival” debut album released

    1 Mar ’13

    Thanks to 197 generous souls,  the Kickstarter campaign we launched to help my band release our debut album was wildly successful!   We had set a very modest goal of $500, but our hearts were warmed to see our campaign close at $6890, which just about covered the costs of producing this album over the …

  • 30 Jan

    ofd’s band Odds of Survival launches debut album on kickstarter

    30 Jan ’13

    Our album’s coming soon… I’m super excited to announce that my band “Odds Of Survival” is just weeks away from releasing our 11-song debut album: “You Will Be Rescued.” To help us get to the finish line, we’ve launched a kickstarter campaign today. How it came to be My new year’s resolution in 2010 was …

  • 03 Nov

    officerfishdumplings turns it up

    3 Nov ’12

    I returned from morocco to san francisco a couple weeks ago, and played a dj set at a halloween party. booties were shakin. so i thought i should share: there are sounds from my remix ←→ culture field recordings in Morocco throughout this mix, but it’s more of the icing on the cake than the …

  • 30 Sep

    remix ←→ culture kickstarter video teaser 1

    30 Sep ’12

    we’ve been on the road in morocco, meeting with all kinds of folks, and already have a ton of new high-quality audio, photo, and video captured for remix ←→ culture. our journey doesn’t end here. but here’s a fun short video with a sneak peak of the awesomeness we’ve been working with: remix ←→ culture -kickstarter teaser …