• 20 Jan

    cross-country impressions

    20 Jan ’15

    In August 2014, officerfishdumplings moved out of San Francisco, to relocate to New York City. He drove across the country with fellow photographer / videographer Sya Warfield, through California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Idaho, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. They both captured various moments, shapes, colors, and feelings along the …

  • 08 Dec

    ofd remixes live with the Culturator on WKCR

    8 Dec ’14

    On Nov 9th, 2014, officerfishdumplings and Tyler Wood joined David Ellenbogen live on his WKCR radio show “In All Languages” to talk about and share the music produced by remix ←→ culture. Below is an excerpt from the 2.5 hour show – a video showing ofd improvising a live remix with the Culturator. Stream the …

  • 25 Nov

    ofd is a nomad

    25 Nov ’14

    2014 has been a nomadic year for officerfishdumplings. San Francisco, Brooklyn, various parts of Morocco, Paris, Berlin, NYC, upstate New York, back to San Francisco to move out, drive across the country through California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, then fly across the Atlantic to Leipzig …

  • 16 Oct

    officerfishdumplings can’t get enough of the Culturator

    16 Oct ’14

    This is a live remix performed by officerfishdumplings using a music video remixing template he designed, called the Culturator. The remix is entirely derived from audio and video field recordings the remix ←→ culture team captured ourselves in remote parts of Morocco during the Spring of 2014. On October 15th, 2014, officerfishdumplings made the Culturator …