public appearances


ofd performed this live remix set on the main stage.

steampunk masquerade promenade

ofd performed a 1-hour live remix set.

04/25/13Red Poppy Arthousesan francisco
red reels

ofd demo'ed the latest iteration of his remix ←→ culture blue box.

04/24/13Café du Nordsan francisco
the nile project

ofd was invited to feature his remix ←→ culture blue box for audience members to play with.

04/04/13Café du Nordsan francisco
brazilian jazz

ofd played piano in a Brazilian jazz trio, led by Jascha Hoffman.

03/30/13undisclosed locationoakland
private dance party

ofd was one of 4 DJs to rock an all-night private dance party.

03/23/13altercentersan francisco

ofd blasted an upbeat laptop dj set.

02/28/13Café du Nordsan francisco
brazilian jazz

ofd played piano in a Brazilian jazz trio, led by Jascha Hoffman.

02/23/13langton labssan francisco
odds of survival debut album release show

ofd played guitars and electronics with his band Odds of Survival for the release party of their debut album "You Will Be Rescued."

02/04/13Jascha Hoffman House Concertsan francisco
kitchen bossanova sessions

ofd played wurlitzer electric piano in a Brazilian jazz duo led by Jascha Hoffman in a kitchen overflowing with music afficionados.

02/03/13altercentersan francisco

ofd played rotating DJ sets with supercat.

01/09/13asientosan francisco

ofd played two hour-long live sets, including 1 hour of all-new audio-visual remixes of Moroccan sights and sounds collected for his remix ←→ culture non-profit initiative at this false profit event.

12/31/12Agapesan francisco
new year's eve dance party

ofd was one of a dozen DJs (including celebrity DJ Ill Gates) to rock an all-night private new year's eve party for hundreds of San Franciscans.

10/27/12altercentersan francisco

recently back in the US after a multi-month trip to Morocco, ofd performed his most danceable, rockin DJ set to date, which later turned into a studio mix he released as ofd turns it up.

10/10/12casablanca american schoolcasablanca
ofd presents remix ←→ culture

ofd demo'ed the latest iteration of his remix ←→ culture blue box at his alma mater.

08/03/12Scott Roy’s apartmentsan francisco
ofd premieres remix ←→ culture in San Francisco

ofd performed a 30-min live improv audio-visual remix using the first iteration of his remix ←→ culture blue box. Later in the evening, he performed with Shawn Feeney and David Horn in a surprise reunion of their college free-improv trio “The Magic Number”.

07/07/12altercentersan francisco

ofd gave san franciscans a taste of the upbeat laptop dj set he had recently played in the desert.

07/05/12Black Rock desertblack rock city

ofd played rotating DJ sets with supercatfor a crowd of Fourth of Juplaya revelers in the open desert.


ofd's very first remix ←→ culture blue boxwas featured as an installation for priceless attendees to play with throughout the 3-day event.

12/10/11langton labssan francisco

ofd performed a mid-tempo laptop dj set for this semiannual event featuring the ucsf brewers’ guild’s finest winter ales.
11/19/11altercentersan francisco

ofd ripped the dancefloor with a laptop dj set to celebrate mark mian's birthday and return from thaliand, in preparation for his first muay thai tournament. ofd later released a version of this mix as ofd occupies cash flow.
06/11/11altercentersan francisco

ofd blasted an upbeat laptop dj set full of mashed-up north african music.
05/14/11langton labssan francisco
Spring Beer Festival 2011

Accompanied by the delicious tastings of the ucsf brewers' guild spring beers, ofd laid down a live dj set entirely on iPad. North African music, including moroccan hip-hop and his brother’s Ssahha project, co-mingled with the discerning alcoholics...
02/05/11altercentersan francisco

ofd performed a chill laptop dj set, which later turned into a studio mix he released as ofd puts your rubbers on his feet.
07/17/10the revolution cafesan franciscoodds of survival's first live show at a “real” venue.
07/15/10scott roy’s apartmentsan franciscoofd’s first public appearance performing solely on ipad. he recorded sounds from the audience before his performance, and then began playing those sounds through effects using the Looptastic app, before dropping some serious beats.
07/04/10sugar magnoliasan franciscoodds of survival's very first live show.
12/13/09counterpulsesan franciscoofd contributed original music and performative photography in this collaboration with dancer / choreographer alyssa lee wilmot (aka group A).
11/15/09langton labssan franciscoat the start of the challenge, each dj contestant had to download the same folder of music files, and - within 2 hours - create a cohesive remix track out of those sound sources. ofd teamed up with Supercat! with delicious results.
08/29/09the garagesan francisco
ofd's photo montage was projected behind dancers in this collaboration between alyssa lee wilmot (choreography, dance), thom blum (sound) and ofd (photos, videography).
07/26/09blue sparrowsan franciscoofd sat down with shawn feeney for an improvised acoustic guitar duo with dancers.
09/13/08altercentersan francisco

ofd performed a never-to-be heard again bumpin’ live set.
04/09/08il piratasan francisco

ofd played a 45min live set of all-new original lazer-pounding bass n beats at this weekly False Profit event.
02/09/08altercentersan francisco

This was ofd’s first attempt at performing a live “dj” set that people can “dance” to...with their bodies, that is, not just with their minds...But don’t get too excited, I’m not making house music (yet...).  It’s still pretty kablamo-ridonculous.  But I have proof that people can and WILL dance to it, as they did at this secret affair on Saturday night in San Francisco called “Danceclub”.  Yeah, it’s like Fight Club, except replace “Fight” with “Dance” and remove the space.
05/07/07grant & greensan franciscoofd played live keys (rhodes) with drummer ryan dylla. they called themselves “duck duck moose”.
10/29/06green tortoisesan franciscoofd’s first solo laptop performance in san francisco.
07/19/06bar 25berlinofd didn’t realize he had fans in berlin until he went there and saw for himself.
amoda digital showcase 35

the second truly solo ofd show blended pre-programmed sequences and live processed acoustic guitar+event title '11/12/05'.
ofd marks an end to hibernation

This first truly solo ofd show blended pre-programmed sequences and live processed vocals and guitar, with a dash of lip-syncing.
10/31/04church of the friendly ghostaustin
Halloween with the Austin Cobra Players

john zorn’s improvisational game piece takes on new life on this most deathly of nights. a 30-minute collage of classic horror moments is projected onto a wall behind the 12-piece ensemble. the musicians are therefore not privy to the visuals displayed for the prompter and audience. the task for the tag-team of prompters is to take turns educing a soundtrack out of these unseeing musicians.

cobra + rock club = grindcore. watch out! brandon wants your hairdo.
09/26/04church of the friendly ghostaustin

The free beer provided at this show was intended for the audience. but the musicians drank the bulk of it. with hilarious results!
08/29/04church of the friendly ghostaustin

was bossa nova ever meant to sound this way?

Cobra + rock club = funky funk.

The monthly series at the church of the friendly ghost shifts to incorporate not only zorn's cobra, but improv game pieces by members of the ensemble as well. farewell performance for cobra provocateur shawn feeney. featured the premiere of new improv pieces by adam sultan (5 card draw) and shawn feeney (raw shack).
07/22/04the allgo tillery street theateraustin
amoda digital showcase 28

The last ooblek (Shawn Feeney & officerfishdumplings) performance in Austin. Laptops, guitars and cybernetic beatboxing. Other acts included: New Berlin, Malcom Kipe, Dreamtigers, Ghislain Poirier.
06/28/04church of the friendly ghostaustinthe third in the monthly cobra series. the farewell cobra for local electronic musician bill thompson. featured ofd, mehdi boudra, shawn feeney, holland hopson, philip moody, chris petkus, aaryn russell, adam sultan, bill thompson, travis weller, and brandon young.
05/30/04church of the friendly ghostaustin

The second in the monthly cobra series. over a dozen of austin’s finest improvisers performed john zorn’s most popular improvisational game piece, cobra, using an array of cue cards and hand signals. a sonic odyssey of dramatic jump-cuts, virtuosic noise and serendipitous beauty. featured ofd, mehdi boudra, otis cleveland, brent fariss, aaron lack, philip moody, chris petkus, aaryn russell, bob sawey, adam sultan, bill thompson, travis weller and brandon young.
04/25/04church of the friendly ghostaustin
Cobra (Austin Premiere)

The first in a series of performances the last Sunday of every month at the church of the friendly ghost. a talented and eclectic group of local improvisers performed john zorn’s infamous improvisational game piece, cobra. Featured ofd, mehdi boudra, meera chandy, otis cleveland, brent farriss, shawn feeney, aaron lack, aaryn russell, bob sawey, adam sultan, bill thompson, brandon young.
03/25/04the parishaustinooblek (ofd & shawn feeney) performed with pedal, inkblot, tuxedo killers, and the octopus project, part of the notenuf records showcase.
03/09/04church of the friendly ghostaustinThe Austin Cobra Players a workshop of john zorn's infamous improv game piece, Cobra. organized by shawn feeney with some of austin's finest improvisers.
09/27/03the vortexaustinthe inaugural event of supplemen+, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing unique experiences through the intersection of various art forms. Bringing cultural health care to Austin with music, visual art, installations and performance. Co-curated by ofd, featured live music by ooblek, holland hopson, kurt korthals & kurt newman , and the ronnie dobbs trio.
09/19/03kvrx 91.7 fmaustinooblek live in your bedroom via the magic of radio. streaming audio on the web at
06/21/03a) elam school of fine arts, intermedia dept, studio a & b) gallery lombardia) auckland, new zealand & b) austin, tx

a long-distance, simultaneous intermedia performance, a duet between countries. shawn feeney performed in auckland with rachel shearer (lovely midget - visuals) as ofd performed with adrian taylor (visuals) at the same time in Austin. a realtime multiuser web interface created by shawn generated visuals from the midi (electronic music) info sent from the opposing location. the visuals were then interpreted as an animated graphic score, creating a feedback loop between the visuals, music and performers.
03/26/03house concertaustinooblek performed an electro-acoustic set featuring guitars, doumbek and bucketfuls of signal processing, all set on a concrete slab.
amoda digital showcase 18

this show marked the birth of ooblek and premiered shawn feeney's video duet no. 1 (an animated score) along with the "shawn feeney vs. officerfishdumplings" flash interface. two mice were connected to a laptop projected onto a screen. the performers could control/influence each other's performance by clicking various icons. set also included a duet for processed doumbek and computer keyboard.
09/01/02artspaceauckland, new zealand

Collaboration with shawn feeney, installed for Airspace (the stairwell of Artspace). each collaborator's contribution plays from a separate cd player, gradually drifting out of synchronization throughout the duration of the installation. curated by andrew clifford.